Celebrating 1 ½ Years with Nancy Pergrim

Atlanta Design & Build continues celebrating our 20th Anniversary by highlighting the incredible skills of our bookkeeper, Nancy Pergrim. She has been a tremendous asset to our clients and to us since joining our team in 2015.

Nancy has lived in Cobb County most all of her life and loves it here. As a youngster, Nancy was a well-rounded student, and always had an affinity for math. Numbers were her forte, so it comes as no surprise that her original career was in banking. After more than twenty-five years she moved to bookkeeping, using her banking background to give her additional insight to the financial end of business.

Nancy’s husband, Randy, is a subcontractor installing cabinetry for local remodeling companies. Through a chance meeting with the owner of one of those companies, Nancy’s movement to bookkeeping began. Initially she helped the company by doing some data entry in the evening after work. The business owner confided to Nancy that he just couldn’t keep up with the bookkeeping himself, and wanted to hire someone honest and dependable. “He was very persuasive,” says Nancy. “He kept telling me I was the perfect person for the job.” Nancy felt unsure because for twenty-five years she had been programmed for banking, which uses a different system of financial record keeping. However, he had a CPA degree and insisted he wasn’t worried.

After eight years with that company, Nancy learned that Dale Contant of Atlanta Design & Build was looking for a bookkeeper. Nancy had heard of ADB because our company is well-known throughout the local remodeling industry and is a competitor of the company she worked for. Nancy was also aware of Dale’s reputation for doing the right thing by his clients and employees. She wasn’t unhappy in her position, it was just that the company she worked for wasn’t large enough to offer benefits that she needed.

Nancy begins working with Atlanta Design & Build

So, in March of 2015, Nancy joined our ADB team as full-time bookkeeper. Her varied responsibilities include ensuring that ADB projects are funded and paid according to the contracts. She handles payroll, making sure benefits are paid for all employees, pays all the bills for the office and for our fleet of trucks, and balances credit card accounts. She does monthly reporting for ADB’s accountant, stays in compliance with taxes, and makes sure all our subs are insured.

One of the things Nancy enjoys most about working for Atlanta Design & Build is that through her skills with numbers, she can help be a problem solver for the company. She’s a good resource for comparative information—the first set of eyes that calls attention to anything that seems to be out of line. “I’m definitely not the end-all, be-all,” insists Nancy. “I depend heavily on the rest of the team, including Jamie Franks, who is so knowledgeable on every aspect of the remodeling business and happy to help me any time.”

Another aspect of working for ADB that Nancy appreciates is that she works for a reputable company. She just can’t work for someone who takes advantage of people. She attests to the fact that we at ADB treat our customers fairly and honestly throughout the remodeling process.

Outside of the office

nancy-granddaughtersNancy enjoys spending time with her family, her husband of 18 years and her adult son and his family who live just five miles away. She is very proud of her son who is retired from the Air Force and is now national manager for a technical recruiting company. She is also so grateful that her son and his wife have given her two beautiful granddaughters with another on the way. As a mom with just one son, she so appreciates having this experience of granddaughters. “My hobbies are my granddaughters’ lives,” she laughs. Nancy is part of the pick-up crew to help take care of the girls when her son and daughter-in-law are dealing with Atlanta traffic. She very much appreciates that Dale is flexible enough to let her do this.

Nancy’s other favorite activity is gambling. Growing up, her family often played games of all kinds for evening entertainment, and she still enjoys them. Texas Hold’em poker is her favorite. She’s a member of several poker clubs in the Atlanta area. She also likes to travel with a group of girlfriends to attend larger events such as the World Series of Poker Circuit Events in Cherokee, North Carolina. At the April 2016 event she finished 13th out of a field of 302 in the Ladies Event!