Welcome Back to ADB, Jr!

We are very pleased that Preston Sneed, Jr. (better known simply as Jr) has returned to work as a Carpenter for Atlanta Design & Build (ADB) after a five-year absence. We missed him!

Jr was born in Fort Benning, GA while his dad was in the military. His dad retired when Jr was seven years old, and the family moved to Marietta where Jr has lived ever since. As a young man, Jr was given the opportunity to assist his brother-in-law and ADB team member, Jamie Franks, with some small side projects. This was Jr’s first taste of construction and he really enjoyed it.

After high school, Jr felt under pressure to attend college because our culture emphasizes so strongly the importance of a college degree in order to be successful. He decided to attend Chattahoochee Technical College in General Studies, but he didn’t stay long. The classroom experience was tiresome for him and there was no program of study that captured his imagination and enthusiasm.

Today, Jr realizes the value of spending time figuring out what type of person you are before you choose college or the trades. He understands now that he prefers physical activity over sitting in a classroom or office all day doing mental exercises. He feels that not everyone is cut out for college—some people are more naturally inclined to physical labor. “I’m a doer,” Jr said. “I enjoy being outside and working with my hands. I’m a hands-on person.”

When Jr turned 18, Jamie Franks recommended him to H. Dale Contant and he was hired as a member of Atlanta Design & Build’s construction team. He stayed with ADB for six years, then he decided to try something different. Jr went to work for a lawn care company doing weed control and fertilization for five years. He describes that work as boring and mundane compared to the construction work he had been doing for ADB.

Returning to Atlanta Design & Build as a Carpenter

Jr is very pleased to have rejoined the team with ADB in February of this year. He enjoys the great sense of accomplishment he receives from his construction work, which he didn’t get from his lawn care job. “I take a lot of pride in the work I do,” exclaims Jr.  “I love seeing the beautiful finished results of all our efforts. And I like knowing that I’m serving others by helping to build great additions and new bathrooms that delight the homeowners.”

Jr’s specialty is helping build the structure of our clients’ homes. He works with our lead carpenters to complete projects by framing exterior walls and roofing, as well as doing the trim work inside the homes. He especially enjoys remodeling work because it’s not like building new stock homes.  Every home he works on is a little bit different and involves dealing with the home’s existing conditions. It keeps him on his toes, and he likes that. Recently, the team built a boat house—something they had not constructed before. “It was a challenging thing, but there’s nothing our team cannot handle,” said Jr confidently. “It looks fantastic!”

When Jr first started working for ADB years ago, he just needed a job. He didn’t know where he would go with his position, but he enjoyed the work. Now he has come to appreciate how unique the company is in the way it handles the projects. “The work ADB does is high-end and the team takes a very thoughtful approach to everything we do,” Jr states. “We always take extra time to complete each project with precision, and protect the homeowner by having everything carefully inspected.” He compares that attitude to other companies he’s familiar with who simply want to get in and out as fast as they can. He also feels that the ADB team is a great group of people to work with—very focused on improving their construction skills. Since joining in February, the company has sponsored Jr’s attendance at two all-day continuing education events to learn more about construction. He plans to take the NARI Certified Lead Carpenter course and exam this year, hoping to earn his lead carpenter credentials.

Outside of work, Jr’s favorite activities are rock climbing, caving, hiking and doing anything else outdoors. He describes himself as a “thrill junkie.” He also enjoys spending time with his sweet girlfriend whenever she has time available while studying to be a nurse.