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It's hard to believe how a room that is so functional and necessary for our basic tasks of living can bring so much enjoyment and beauty into our lives! Think about it. Some of the most important times of the day are spent in the bathroom. You wake up. You head to the bathroom. How does your experience, first thing in the morning, affect the rest of your day? Does the environment in your bathroom set a mood of peace and confidence? Or does it begin your day with frustration, a sense of too-little space, and things falling apart. We all know which leads to a more successful day.

Much more can be done to improve the experience in your bathroom than you would originally think. A talented designer sees things about a house that most people don't notice. Perhaps space can be repurposed from an unused closet in the adjoining bedroom to make a larger shower. If the entire area were restructured, all the necessary components—from the sinks, to the toilet, to the shower and/or tub—might fit, and serve your family's needs, better.

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By having Atlanta Design & Build renovate your bathroom, you will appreciate each stage of our HOMEStyle system and how it makes the remodeling process painless.


During the DEEPDiscovery phase we’ll learn about how your family uses this bathroom, as well as any other bathrooms you may have.

How many bathrooms do you have in the home? How many people use this particular bathroom? Do you prefer tubs or showers? Are you looking for a luxury bathing experience? If you could have your “perfect” bathroom, what would it look like? What kind of storage do you need in your cabinets and vanities? These are just a few of the questions we’ll ask. When we have a good understanding of your dreams, goals, and financial parameters, we’ll move on to the next stage.


Drawing from what we learn in the discovery phase, we prepare an INSPIREDDesign, a design that juggles all the requirements for this relatively small space and provides the experience you’ll look forward waking up to.

In no other part of the house is the balance of form and function more important. Every square inch needs to be used to its maximum to provide a sense of spaciousness where real limitations sometimes exist. Just how the shower is placed, or the relationship of the toilet to the sink can all make a huge difference in how easy it is to get around in your bathroom. With the wonderful variety available to choose from in fixtures, vanities, and cabinetry, our designers work with you to create the look and style that reflects your taste. Whether you are looking for a strictly functional bathroom or a spa-like experience, we'll develop the design to enhance your lifestyle.


A MASTERPlan guides the part of the process where "design" and "build" come together.

Your goals are at the center of this plan. Following them, we'll work with you to set priorities for the project. If three different bathrooms are being remodeled, which one should go first? If at this point you've discovered that your dream bathroom has exceeded what your wallet can handle, we'll work with you to time your project or scale it, while still including the elements most important to you, so that you don't have to give up on your dreams. Once the plan is there, and we’re all in agreement, we’re ready to move on to the next stage.


When construction begins, our BUILDINGPrinciples come into play. Your bathroom remodel will be supervised by your dedicated Project Manager. They'll follow the plan to make sure that all the elements in the plan come together.

Your Project Manager keeps an eye on all the work done throughout the project, making sure the best construction standards are maintained. With every bathroom remodel, we are confident that our HOMEStyle process and the quality of our workmanship are so reliable, we offer our two-year warranty.

HOMEStyle Purpose

We know bathroom renovations can make your family's life difficult for a while. Through our HOMEStyle process, we try to make this process as smooth as possible.

Although bathrooms are relatively small in comparison to the entire square-footage of a home, they are packed full of items that need to work under challenging conditions and yet look beautiful. When the plan comes together and you step into your finished bathroom, it can truly be a wonderful experience for the senses. With the lighting just right and the colors and materials all working together, the effect can be quite dramatic.

In addition to the visual drama, the bathroom can also appeal to the sense of touch. The simple act of turning on the water with a high-quality faucet is a different experience than that of using an old faucet that doesn't work quite right. Then, think about the invigorating sensation of body sprays coming from every direction during your shower, or the relaxation that comes from a rain shower head. We want all of these experiences to be something you can enjoy throughout your lifetime.

We want you to have an exceptional experience working with Atlanta Design & Build. We believe our system ensures this as we transform your home and create your ideal bathroom renovation.

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