Kitchen Remodeling

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It's no secret that the kitchen is the "heart of the home." Playing such an essential role, it's important that your kitchen be up to the task.

As you prepare to remodel your kitchen, you need to consider your food preparation processes and the social aspects of your kitchen as a gathering place for your family. More than that, your kitchen is also the public face of your family, because that's where your guests are likely to congregate—so it needs to make a statement. Making good decisions on such a complex project can be overwhelming—but giving you help at this stage of the project is one of the core strengths of our HOMEStyle system. Our award-winning designers work with you to help you think through the project from the beginning; so that, at the end, your kitchen functions as your family needs it to, enriching your life.

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Our HOMEStyle system drives the transformation processes for your kitchen renovation.


During the DEEPDiscovery phase we’ll learn about how your family will use the kitchen space.

We'll delve into what you are looking for. It's a family gathering place. You are a busy mom and it's used for kids doing homework. It's heavy on entertaining. I don't want anybody else in my kitchen. Will you use it for large gatherings? Is displaying an upscale elegance important to you? Does one person do the cooking, or is it usually a group effort? What age ranges are involved? Maybe the Sub-Zero refrigerator and granite countertops are essential to create the ambiance you are looking for. Maybe built-in technology is necessary to keep up with your highly-mobile lifestyle.

Then with your goals and budget in mind, and us understanding your wants, needs and desires, we’ll move on to satisfy them in the design phase.


Drawing from what we learn in the discovery phase, we prepare an INSPIREDDesign, a design that captures the essence of what your family needs in the kitchen space and envisions optimal solutions for them.

Our experienced kitchen designers will help you consider all the practical and aesthetic aspects of a functional kitchen. What kind of lighting will work best? Do any physical challenges, now or in the future, need to be addressed? Should the cabinet styles be traditional, classical, modern, or contemporary? Should the kitchen triangle be implemented? Or will other patterns best meet your family's needs.

Our creative design team works with you to develop a solution that best meets your family's needs and allows you to visualize the big picture before it becomes reality.


A MASTERPlan guides the process of putting details on the design.

Here’s where we again look at your goals and set priorities for the project. Should it all be done at once? Or do we start with the main kitchen now, work on the outdoor kitchen portion of the project next, and the dining/gathering space after that? While the project is going on, details need to be worked out. How are cooking and refrigerated storage going to be taken care of? These details are all worked into the plan.


When construction begins, our BUILDINGPrinciples come into play. Your Project Manager oversees the transformation of the design into your kitchen island, or breakfast bar, as outlined in the plan.

If when a wall is opened up and an unexpected plumbing issue requires a different way of installing the sink, your Project Manager has authority to resolve issues like this, so the process doesn’t stall. The reason Atlanta Design & Build can offer a two-year warranty is the standards which our team and our partners are committed to uphold.

HOMEStyle Purpose

While the renovation is going on, we are also mindful of what you and your family experience. Our HOMEStyle Purpose is that you have the Experience of a Lifetime.

Kitchen remodeling has the potential of being very disruptive. Communication is a priority throughout the process. Working with our professionals, we want your final evaluation of the experience to be that you were delighted with both the process and the outcome.

We’ve developed our HomeStyle System to make sure that you have an outstanding experience while we transform your kitchen in ways that truly enrich your life and the lives of those you love.

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