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"I'm happy with the 'footprint' of my home, but I think it would work better for our family if…" Whatever is in your mind following that "if" is where our award-winning team of designers shine! The possibilities are endless. Some may be major transformations to your home, some small.

You may add an entire additional story by converting attic space or a high, vaulted ceiling into bedrooms and a new bathroom—or even a spacious new master bedroom suite. You want to reconfigure the space on your main floor to tuck in a home office—or a library, or a reading nook—with an outside entrance.

On the other hand, you may love your home, but it lacks pizzazz. A spiral staircase or a dramatic front door entrance might provide just that extra touch. Is it time to renovate your fireplace and make it again the focal point of your living room? A custom bookshelf could provide additional depth while supplying needed storage space.

Is entertaining convenient and fun in the space that you call home? Think of how it could be transformed through the addition of a wine cellar, wine closet, a bar, or even a beverage station.

As we said, the possibilities are endless! Browse our galleries for inspiration and give us a call at 770-565-8999 to discuss how—using our HOMEStyle system—we can help transform your home and enrich your life!

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