Atlanta Design & Build has Exciting News

Fall is a time to focus on change. As the warmer months’ hustle and bustle die down, we at Atlanta Design & Build have some exciting news to share. Our stellar reputation and our 24 years of delivering exceptional quality and service, has brought a significant opportunity our way.

Alair, an international network of professional builders with hundreds of offices throughout the United States and Canada and about a dozen in the Southeast, has chosen our company to represent them as Alair Homes Marietta, creating the third Alair office in Georgia.  

With over 125 offices across the U.S. and Canada, Alair is changing how custom home renovators and custom homebuilders work by collaborating with experienced builders, including our own Dale Contant. Alair Homes takes a unique path in the remodeling and home industry, one that we have grown to love as a company. A few months ago, Dale made the decision to partner with Alair Homes finding our processes similar and yet seeing many benefits to enhance our client experience.

Transforming into Alair Homes Marietta will not change who we are, as you know us; Dale Contant is still the owner with the current team and core values that lead us all to the same goal. Alair Homes brings improved processes and systems that will benefit our organization. We are confident these will translate into additional value for all of our clients and partners in the future.    

To celebrate this new chapter and season of change, Alair Homes Decatur is hosting an inclusive ribbon-cutting event in Marietta to honor their new partner as ADB steps into Alair Homes Marietta. The event will have a unique theme featuring special surprises for Dale and his guests.

“We are very excited to surprise Dale with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate his new and well-deserved role,” said Peter Michelson, Alair Homes North Georgia Regional Partner. “This opportunity presents an exciting next step for Alair Homes as we begin to develop roots and build new relationships within the Marietta community.”