Atlanta Design & Build’s Employee Rib Extravaganza

The chicken turned out perfect! Grill Dome success!

Our recent ADB Employee Rib Extravaganza put our official Grill Dome to good use!  Surely you’ve heard of the Grill Dome—the incredible new ceramic grill with a round kamado shape that gives the best heat distribution ever.  Check out, a NARI Atlanta partner who ADB proudly represents.  These beauties are perfect for your outdoor kitchen and even come in your favorite ‘school colors’!  WE proudly display Red & Black … go Dawgs!

Dale, Steven and Jamie did the honors preparing ribs for the entire ADB team.  What good cook doesn’t first test an amazing new cooking tool….on a chicken? Just to make sure it’s working properly, right? The office team enjoyed this taste test at lunchtime while the ribs were cooking.

Later in the afternoon, Dale applied the final basting to the ribs and distributed them to the entire team. Yum!! Dale commented that at the end of that long day—7am-6pm—the guys were too busy receiving and eating their ribs to take any photos.