Celebrating 15 Years with Jamie Franks

A Passion for Construction in Many Generations

Jamie Franks believes that his passion for the construction industry and his abilities are a part of his DNA. His grandfather built houses, and his dad built and installed cabinets. “Even though I didn’t grow up with my dad,” says Jamie, “In terms of our engineering interests we are as much alike as Twinkies.” So it makes sense that Jamie would eventually find himself working full time in the construction industry.

He grew up in a small town that didn’t offer many employment opportunities. During high school he worked part time as a diesel mechanic. After graduation, that job turned into a full daytime position, while he also worked part time in steel fabrication at night.

Five years later, having the desire for more education in the engineering direction, Jamie joined the Navy as a member of the Seabees Naval Mobile Construction Battalion. He built school houses for children in the Dominican Republic. It was heavy commercial construction, and he feels the education he received was worth it. After the Navy, Jamie got into insurance work. This job helped him transition from government to civilian life.

Jamie Franks: Working Up the Ladder at Atlanta Design & Build

In 2001 he heard about a job opening at Atlanta Design & Build and he went for an interview. He was very impressed with Dale Contant and decided he wanted to work for him, even though it would mean a cut in his salary. He started out as a Helper on a three-person team primarily building decks. After two years, he became the Punch Guy because he could fix anything. Later he started running jobs as a Project Manager, and today he is Production Manager overseeing all the ADB projects. He is widely respected and dearly loved by ABD clients. Jamie is held in high regard for his skills, his attention to detail, and for the professional care he gives to each client and their project. He holds NARI certification credentials as a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR) and as a Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC).

Jamie loves remodeling because although every project is basically the same kind of work, each project has its unique challenges. He enjoys that, because he likes asking questions and doing the research. He appreciates working for Dale Contant who Jamie describes as very energetic, wants to do the right thing, never takes short cuts, and treats his customers well. Jamie says it’s hard to find men like Dale in the remodeling industry, and that basically accounts for Jamie’s longevity with ADB.

“I totally agree with Dale’s business philosophy. I have always tried to be an advocate for our customers as well,” says Jamie.  “My goal is to make them happy. I treat each of their homes as if they were my own. And our customers keep coming back. Price is not the biggest issue for them—service is.”

Jamie’s favorite hobby is restoring antiques, like pre-war toy trains, phonographs, roller organs, and other intricate devices. Jamie and his family were delighted to celebrate the birth of their second child in March 2015. They now have two girls—an 8-year-old and a 1-year old—who are as different as night and day. The older sister is a girly-girl who likes to shop at the mall, trying on clothes and shoes. The younger is already jumping out of her crib and loving rough-and-tumble adventures.