Celebrating 20 Years with Mike Pike

As Atlanta Design & Build celebrates our 20th Anniversary this year, we also celebrate the 20 years we have been blessed with the incredible skills of co-owner and Senior Project Manager, Mike Pike.

Mike’s start in construction

Raised in southern Georgia, Mike started working, in his early twenties, as a “grunt’ for a company that did commercial/industrial electrical work. He worked on the electrical wiring for a college, a hospital and a paper mill, learning on the job as he went.

Then a friend who was framing houses asked Mike to work with him. Mike had no experience with carpentry, but he did like working with his hands. He discovered that he enjoyed construction work and was motivated to learn more. His friend was not the type of person who teaches his skills to others, so Mike had to pay very close attention to whatever his friend was doing. “I’d go home at night and practice with the tools, such as the speed square,” said Mike. “I didn’t know how he was coming up with all those angles.” After six years being attentive and willing to practice, Mike developed skills needed and sometimes found himself running the show by himself when his friend could not come to work.

Moving to Atlanta and expanding skills

Mike moved to Atlanta in 1987 and for three years worked for a man who was employed by John Wieland Homes installing interior trim. These were large elegant homes and Mike was excited to expand his proficiency and learn new skills. He created trim for doors and windows, plus fancy crown molding. He learned how to fashion handrails and balusters, along with all the challenging loops and curves they often required.

Broadening his skills even further, Mike went to work for Patio Enclosures in Atlanta using aluminum extrusions and glass to build enclosed screened porches, solariums, and three- and four-season rooms. He stayed with Patio Enclosures for eight years, and that is where he met Dale Contant. Since the men were working ten hours a day, but only four days a week, that left them extra time to complete projects for their own clients on the side. Together, Mike and Dale built decks, front porches, and sunrooms in their spare time.

The beginning of Atlanta Design & Build

In 1996 Dale formed his own company called Sun-Fun Remodeling Inc, and he offered Mike the opportunity to be co-owner of the company. Mike went into it with excitement, and looking back he feels it was definitely the right move. “For one thing, I enjoy working with wood more than with metal,” said Mike. “More importantly, Dale provided the benefits I needed and the stability I desired. I didn’t want to jump from company to company anymore. I wanted this to be my last stop.” They were still building a lot of outside projects, but increasingly clients were asking them to do interior projects as well, such as kitchens, bathrooms, additions and basements which prompted the name change to Atlanta Design & Build.

With his track-record for learning, Mike is totally on board with Dale’s belief in continuing education. Mike holds credentials through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) rigorous certification process as Certified Remodeling Project Manager and Certified Lead Carpenter.

Mike serves as project manager for client renovation projects and is in charge of the ADB crews and manages the subs. Keeping the work spaces clean is of great importance to Mike. He makes sure dust is kept to a minimum in clients’ homes by enclosing the work area with plastic zip walls and using dust machines that remove dust from the interior spaces. Mike says he is not an office-type of guy. He is out in the field every day digging foundations, doing demolitions, and framing projects. “That’s what I like to do,” said Mike. “One of my favorite things is hearing the comments from our clients and seeing their excitement when we tear out walls and open up their kitchens.”

When he’s not hard at work for ADB, Mike can usually be found doing yard work at home. When they can get everyone’s busy schedules to coincide, Mike also likes to go on vacation with his family. Last year, he, his wife and their teenage daughter and son visited Las Vegas. “There was so much for the family to do,” Mike said. “We had a great time at some family-friendly shows, as well as at the Grand Canyon.”

At ADB, Mike Pike truly is the cornerstone of all that our team accomplishes in the field. There is nothing in construction that he cannot do, and he is our “go-to guy” for working on any issues that come up. Thank you, Mike, for all that you have brought to Atlanta Design & Build during the past 20 years, and for making us your last stop!