Raise the Roof | A Whole House Remodel Pt 3

We’re giving you a peek at some of the interior remodeling work we’ve completed on our clients’ 1960s split-level home. Silent film style!

These are views not many people get to see outside of the ADB team and the family whose home we are working on. Enjoy this unique behind-the-scenes look at what makes us Atlanta Design & Build. Watch the time-lapse video to see our team and business partners:


1. Perform an amazing balancing act on stilts! As our team is taping and mudding the ceiling after drywall installation, stilts make the job much easier.

2. Install a beautiful wood floor. Our partners at InsiDesign are installing high-quality random length Hickory wood flooring.

3. Brick up a window opening. The kitchen cabinet design required the removal of a window.  Here the brick masons are installing the brick on the Sunroom side of the wall, which will then be painted to seamlessly match the rest of the room.


Follow this story from the start and see us raise the roof, the beginning stages of the interior, in-progress photos, and the final product. Watch all of the progress videos here.