miniamlist kitchen, appliance garage

ADB & The Minimalist Kitchen

Does your kitchen need to be updated—not only for the latest trends in countertops or cabinets— but for the most functional workflow? Minimalist kitchens are increasing in popularity due to their amazing functionality and easy maintenance. We appreciate facets of the design and build process that keep in mind that the clients’ most precious asset is often their time. Here are some of the ways a low-maintenance minimalist kitchen can save you time.  

Everything is Streamlined and at Your Fingertips

We can replace upper cabinetry with open shelving to display objects you love and use daily. While maintaining the staged look of elaborate open shelving can be somewhat labor intensive, the ease of use is wonderful—and you can keep it simple. Everything you frequently use can be easily reached without opening a cabinet. Lower drawers and cabinets can hold most of your kitchen items, whether it is deep drawer storage, with dividers, or a full pantry wall, kitchen storage has come a long way. New and versatile kitchen storage can be one of the most exciting aspects of a kitchen remodel. Not only is lower cabinet storage often more organized, it is easily reachable. No more standing on a step stool to reach items in a high cabinet.  

Minimize Clutter & Clear the Countertops

Minimalist kitchen, appliance garage with Kitchenaid mixer
This appliance garage keeps your stand mixer close enough for easy use, while stowing it neatly away.

We suggest carefully evaluating which countertop appliances to keep in a minimalist kitchen. If you have not used an appliance in the past year, donate it or dispose of it. Don’t waste precious space on gadgets you do not actually use. Stow countertop appliances in appliance garages! Corner cabinets can be conveniently designed with outlets and you only have to open a cabinet door to access small appliances. This way your countertop stays clear when appliances like blenders, toasters, coffee makers, and slow cookers are not in use.

Microwaves can even be installed under the counter in lower cabinets or in your kitchen island, keeping them off of countertops. Not only does an under the counter microwave hide a kitchen eyesore, but it makes your microwave easily accessible for every member of the family.

Minimalist Lines Make Cleaning a Breeze

Many homeowners are forgoing ornate styles of cabinetry, backsplashes, and counters in favor of clean lines. Rather than the heaviness of older styles, flat paneled cabinets are popular. It is easy to quickly clean cabinets and counters that lack grooves, moldings, or excessive designs.

Materials and finishes can also have an impact on ease of cleanliness in the kitchen. Subway tile is making a big comeback in every hue and variation imaginable; it is a simple to maintain, yet is a versatile backsplash material. Quartz and granite countertops are still trendy and easy to care for. Cabinets painted in matte finishes can be easier to clean. Cabinet hardware can be simplified or left off of cabinets altogether, depending on your preferences. Many cabinets have grooves on the bottom for ergonomic opening. Push-open cabinets, and other enhancements, sans hardware, are growing in popularity.

ADB Transforms Your Home and Enriches Your Life

 We are here to transform your home and enrich your life, and that includes making your kitchen more user friendly. As part of our HOMEStyle™ System, we begin with our DEEPDiscovery process which helps reveal all of the ways you use your space, and the functionality problems our design can solve for you. Consider going with a minimalist kitchen if you like the streamlined look and ease of use, we can design and build a kitchen that works for you and saves you time! Contact us today to get started.