Do Industry Awards Factor into Your Choice of Design/Build Company?

Maybe you’ve spent hours, or even weeks, doing online research on different design/build firms, searching for a reliable company to entrust with your remodeling or residential construction project. If you are wondering how to find a talented and dependable contractor, consider whether or not they have won industry awards. Why do awards matter in the construction industry?

Industry Awards Point to True Quality Workmanship

Awards attest to a company’s solid craftsmanship. Rather than just being capable of making something look good, award-winning contractors are able to demonstrate quality workmanship that is built to last. They tend to use quality materials as well. Generally, when contractors submit projects for industry awards, they are required to disclose what materials were used and show the methods they used to complete the project. 

Awards Indicate Innovative Design Solutions

A design/build company that wins industry awards tends to create innovative design solutions to resolve their clients’ issues with functionality. Whether it’s changing a room’s layout entirely for better flow or building an addition that blends seamlessly with an existing home—well wrought design solutions enhance the homeowner’s existing home as well as their lifestyle. It takes great skill and experience to conceive and properly execute building plans considering both form and function.

Industry Award Winners are Vetted by a Third Party

Most industry award programs are hosted by professional affiliates or organizations, which means a company’s reputation is vetted by a third party. In addition, businesses involved in these types of third-party associations are generally provided opportunities for education as a result of membership and are likely to possess professional certifications.    

For the concerned homeowner, there is confidence knowing professional organizations have the expertise necessary to decide which design/build companies provide award-worthy workmanship.

ADB is an Award-Winning Design/Build Firm

ADB is not only an award-winning design/build firm, but we are a NARI Accredited Remodeling Company (ARC). We have won awards based on the points mentioned above and we have a passion for transforming homes and enriching lives. Contact us today to schedule your Initial Consultation. Work with us, a NARI ARC, and experience Remodeling Done Right!™