ADB’s Newest Kitchen and Bath Expert: Heather Marcet-Henderson

We are pleased to have Heather Marcet-Henderson, AKBD (Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer), as our Design and Sales Consultant and part of the ADB family: she has been with us for nearly a year! Heather is originally from San Diego, but her father was in the military, so they moved frequently. She relocated to Georgia in 1997 to attend The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and now resides in Kennesaw with her husband and son. Heather earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology before she decided to study design, and she received a Master of Arts in Interior Design from SCAD.

In addition to her extensive education, Heather has a strong background in design. In the past, she has worked as a designer of model homes and clubhouses, a design representative for a tile company and a design studio manager for a new home builder. Heather has also worked as a private designer. As our Design and Sales Consultant, she works with clients making selections for cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. and choosing space planning design options for kitchens and baths. She does everything from drawing kitchen and bath layouts in Chief Architect to suggesting various organizational features for increased functionality.

A Solid Team with Integrity

Heather met Dale, and other ADB team members, 8 years ago when she worked with us on a client’s home where Dale was the contractor. She was applying for a job and called Dale to see if he could give her a reference. He said that he needed to hire someone with her skill set. The timing of their conversation was serendipitous, and it all happened organically. When Heather had previously met Dale, and other members of the ADB team, she thought it would be great to work with us—according to her, it has been great!

Her favorite part about being a member of the ADB family is that “ADB is a good, solid team of people. The level of integrity that Dale has matches my own personal level of integrity.”

Perfect Skill Set  

Heather in her element at the drafting table

When creating design solutions for clients, every project is different, and this is where Heather’s psychology degree comes in handy. The most important part of the design process is listening. According to Heather, clients will tell you about their current design’s problems, but they sometimes either hold back, or have trouble identifying all the issues with their current design. Heather states that “There is not a pat answer for everyone’s life.” She listens to our clients’ cues to determine exactly what they need.

Sometimes, during the design process, Heather finds herself acting almost as a mediator because she’s helping couples compromise and agree on a design. She also helps to steer clients toward what will best help them and give them the most satisfaction from their kitchen and bath. Heather states that the main challenge in her work is finding a balance between a client’s needs, wants, and their budget. She helps guide them to features that will give them the biggest benefit.

Favorite Leisure Activities

Heather Horseback riding in Costa Rica

Outside the office Heather enjoys doing mission work and spending time in Costa Rica.  She loves going horseback riding and hiking, especially near Costa Rican waterfalls.