Wellborn, red color trend modern kitchen

Color Trends for Your Remodeled Kitchen

Expressing your personality is often ignored when it comes to updating your home’s kitchen. While white is classic, and a go-to color for many kitchen remodels, it is not your only option. When you decide to remodel your kitchen, consider playing with a color trends. Moody and jewel tone color trends in the kitchen are huge for 2020. Your kitchen is more than just a place for preparing meals, it’s a room for chatting, entertaining, and the place where kids may get a snack and do their homework after school. Because your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, the color palette you use can contribute to your mood.

Playing it Safe or Customizing Your Forever Home

If you aren’t planning to stay in your home for at least the next five years, you may want to consider the resale value of your home before using any finishes or color trends that are currently popular. Safer color choices are better for resale value but consider using a pop of color on your island cabinets or other accents in a smaller area. If you really want to play with color, choose areas that are easily changed or accent furnishings. Remember, don’t pick a color just because it’s in style: use colors that you love!  

There are so many spaces within your kitchen to use color. Your walls can always be painted in whatever shade you like, but think cabinetry, countertops, tile backsplashes, statement appliances and more!

  • Cabinetry: Use neutrals or consider having a colorful island with neutral cabinets.
  • Countertops: Countertops can be a great place for a pop of color. Countertop finishes are available in many color varieties depending on materials and tastes.
  • Backsplashes: Super colorful and patterned backsplashes are not very popular right now, but using a bold, solid, color tile for a backsplash is a huge trend.
  • Statement appliances: New colorful appliances make a great centerpiece in your brand-new kitchen. While they can come with a hefty price tag, they are more easily swapped out than cabinetry if you get bored or want to sell your home. Many of these appliances are also high-end and can last a lifetime. Some options are even being designed with removable front-pieces so that you can simply swap out the color.
modern luxury grey and white color trend kitchen
Two-tone cabinets are still trending, and gray is still a fairly safe neutral, although no longer as popular as moodier shades like black

Here are some possible color choices for your newly remodeled kitchen:

Popular Neutrals

Gray, blue and black are the most popular color choices for cabinetry after white. Blue is a huge color choice in every area of the home this year. Blue leads to feelings of serenity and calm and it is also one of the most universally liked colors. The colors of the year for 2020 are Classic Blue from Pantone and Naval Blue from Sherwin-Williams. Gray has been falling out of fashion slightly, but it is still one of the neutrals many people gravitate toward. Black makes a bold statement and it is sophisticated and masculine. Using black in the kitchen has become a popular choice. Some hot 2020 appliances are coming in black stainless to keep up with this growing trend.   

Green for Multiple Styles

Thermador color trend green refrigerator

Many homeowners are using green more often in the kitchen. It’s an earthy color instilling a sense of freshness and nature. Mint green is having a moment of popularity, and it works well if your kitchen tends to feel dark. Also, if you have a farmhouse kitchen, olive or mint can work well. Emerald green, which was hot last year, is still trending in the kitchen. Because emerald is so dark, use it in kitchens with an abundance of natural light. Brass and copper hardware look amazing paired with emerald finishes and are a popular choice.  

Pink is a Perfect Accent Color

If you have white cabinets, walls in a pale pink shade can create a soft and unexpected contrast in the room. Consider accompanying pink with shades of grey because it compliments pale pink. 

Sherwin-Williams color trend mantra palette kitchen, pink
This modern kitchen is done in Sherwin-Williams’ Mantra palette, part of their 2020 Color Forecast

Yellow in a Modern Way

Forza statement stove in color trend yellow
This statement range by Forza is modeled after an Italian sports car!

Mustard yellow was a popular color for kitchens in the 1970’s. These days, yellows are coming in a wide variety of shades that range from a bright sunny yellow to paler colors. Wood cabinets and wood floors pair well with gold and honey shades of yellow. White cabinets look clean and fresh with lemon yellow accents. Use barstools in a sunny shade of yellow beside your white island for a modern look.

Red Can Take You from Drab to Fab

Red is a color that can make or break a room. Darker and deeper red hues are perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Marble countertops or chrome accents will pair with that fire engine red well. Farmhouse kitchens need more of an apple shade of red.

ADB Can Help You Design a Kitchen with Personality

ADB is here to design and build your new kitchen! We want you to come home to a kitchen that makes you feel content. As part of your kitchen remodel, whether you want a classic, timeless look, or you are ready to experiment with some of your favorite color trends, our aim is to transform your home and enrich your life! Contact us today to get started on your next remodeling project!