two level kitchen island

Benefits of a Two-Level Kitchen Island

two level kitchen islandA Kitchen island can help promote togetherness, especially when they are designed with seating. While some prepare the meal, the others can sit close by and keep them company. This avoids the isolation that homeowners often complain about when kitchens are walled off from the living room. With an open kitchen, there is no more being secluded from your family or guests.

Considerations When Selecting a Two-Level Kitchen Island

However, an important consideration when making decisions for a kitchen remodeling project is whether those friendly observers seated at the island are going to hinder the amount of preparation room. This is especially true with a single-level island in which a sink or cooktop has been installed. When your children are sitting there doing homework, will they keep their fingers away from the cooktop burners? Might your friend’s cell phone accidentally slide into the sink filled with water? Will the different zones—the prep zone and the homework zone, for example—and their items begin to merge together making it quite a difficult area for everyone.

These kinds of concerns have made the two-level island very popular. Whether the seating area is higher or lower than your work surface, having a break in the surface forms a natural, yet friendly, barrier between the cook and those seated. Everyone can relax and simply enjoy the conversation without a concern for safety or lack of space.

As you can see in some of our project photos, the two-level kitchen island provides a nice design element and space for everyone. It even allows extra outlets for appliances too! No need for a drop cord or limited plug-in options.

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two level kitchen island