Dave Newell

Celebrating 11 Years with Dave Newell

Atlanta Design & Build is celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year. We also celebrate the 11 years we have been blessed with the accomplished skills of our Project Manager, Dave Newell.

Dave’s Early Experience in the Building Industry

Dave describes himself as a “good ol’ country boy.” He was born in Kennestone Hospital right here in Marietta, but he moved away to Florida when he was just 15. While living in Florida, Dave began working in the building industry alongside his future father-in-law. That five year stint was the first experience he had in construction and he learned everything on-the-job.

After that Dave moved to Indiana to work for Bristol Pipe, a company that manufactured PVC pipes. He was the Assistant Foreman on the nightshift at the factory, until he decided at age 35 to move back to Georgia. He returned to his roots just one year before Bristol Pipe unexpectedly closed the doors on its Indiana facility. Dave considers his move back home a very fortunate one.

Joining the Atlanta Design & Build Team

In 2005 when Dave arrived in Marietta, his uncle who was employed at Atlanta Design & Build told him the company had a job opening. Dave was hired to work as a carpenter with ADB’s senior project manager, Mike Pike.  In addition to his carpenter duties, Dave tried hard to make Mike’s day as easy for him as possible. He reminded him about certain calls Mike needed to make, or even making some of those calls himself. For example, Dave would call a plumber to make certain they would be on the job site when they were scheduled—that way Mike did not have to worry about it.

Dave really likes the ADB way of doing things. “I give credit to Dale (H. Dale Contant) for working hard to make it a professional remodeling firm, rather than some kind of ragtag Mom and Pop company,” Dave said. For example, ADB supplies all the tools and the work trucks for its employees. It provides its employees with job security. ADB offers opportunity for the production crew to earn NARI certifications. He is proud to have earned his Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM) credentials in 2014. The ADB office staff always reminds him when its time for his next Continuing Education Unit seminar. He must earn a certain number of units each year to keep his certification. Dave is grateful for the certifications that are beneficial to him as well as to ADB and its clients.

Dave Newell, ADB Project Manager

Now that Dave has moved up to his position as Project Manager, he is responsible for making sure his jobs are handled proficiently. He starts a job with a “kick off” where he goes over the details with the Design & Sales Dept. Then he’ll do an onsite “kick off” and meet the homeowner in their home. Dave is given the famous “notebook” with complete instructions for his project. He’s responsible for everything, including the  subcontractors, job costing, ordering materials, scheduling, and helping out with other project manager’s jobs. The people he works with look out for him, just the way he did for Mike. “In fact our ADB team members all look out for each other,” said Dave. “When I’m running the job, Mike may be helping me, but if I have a question about anything, I will definitely ask Mike due to his vast construction knowledge and experience.”

Dave enjoys the freedom that comes along with remodeling—freedoms that you don’t get when working in an office, such as being outdoors. He says the ADB office staff is a good one, and that helps and supports him in getting his job done. And he takes pride in the level of craftsmanship the ADB crew produces. “We are very careful that no imperfection turns up, so our projects can pass inspection the first time. We actually build it better than code requires—even better than what we think Dale will require!” Dave said. “I always build every project as precisely as if it were my own home. We’re all like that!”

Outside of Work

Outside of work, Dave might go with his family to see a film at the movie theater occasionally, or go eat at Red Lobster. But most of the time you can find Dave in his basement working on some home improvement project for his own place. “My hobbies are work,” Dave said. “It’s what I enjoy the most.”