Marietta Lake House Transformed | Part I

Dock and Boathouse Remodel

Our Atlanta Design & Build team has received so many compliments from many of you regarding the “Raise the Roof” project featured in our monthly eNewsletter, HomeStyles Online, and blog series in 2017. We’ve decided it is time to begin a series highlighting another amazing project that our team recently completed for a client that lives on a lake: a dock, boathouse, gorgeous addition and home interior renovation. Watch the video below for the first part of the transformation:

Lake House Transformed

As usual, our team began this project with our clients utilizing ADB’s HomeStyle System process. The initial DeepDiscovery revealed this project would involve some complexities that definitely piqued our team’s interest. We were all enthused about the plans that were developed while working through the InspiredDesign stage. Determining the short and long-term goals allowed creation of the MasterPlan for accomplishing everything desired.   

The first aspect of the MasterPlan was constructing a lakeside retaining wall and preparing for the plans’ next steps. Dale took a scuba dive in the lake to repair a blockage in the drain pipe which prohibited lowering the water table. Once the lake was lowered, work could begin. He then carefully measured the lakefront property to decide the perfect position for the retaining wall to comply with county CODE regulations. It was important that we allow plenty of room for their new home addition. We also tried to preserve the trees located close to the lake.


The original dock and boathouse was a worn and weather-beaten single structure. It was totally dismantled. Once the new retaining wall was completed, construction began for a sizable dock and a separate boathouse.   

Now the water level is back up to normal and the view of the lake is incredible. The new dock, shaped like a “T”, offers ample space to relax and play. Our clients can immerse themselves, in the delights of living on the lake. The generous boathouse provides protection and easy access to our clients’ boats.   

Next, we focus on the beautiful home exterior. Part 3 gives you the pleasure of roaming inside the fabulous upper level of the home and we conclude the series by venturing inside the terrace-level to share this large project’s incredible design metamorphosis. 

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